About Us


The mission of ASCM is to promote the use and development of the art of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, with the highest goal of sustaining people’s health.  In order to reach this goal, ASCM strives to serve our colleagues by uniting all member voices regardless of ethnic or political background, and to fight for the rights and interests of the Chinese medicine and acupuncture community with united collective efforts.


In 2017, American Society of Chinese Medicine was started by 13 licensed acupuncturists who uniformly responded to a strong calling from the Chinese medicine professional community, to develop and to protect the art of traditional Chinese medicine through unification. In establishing ASCM, we can better respond to the anticipation of future growth and challenges faced by the Chinese medicine and acupuncture profession through collaboration and coordination of services to protect and promote the development of Chinese medicine. Members are composed of licensed acupuncturists, current students of various Chinese medicine and acupuncture schools, and retired licensed acupuncturists.

About ASCM

ASCM focuses on improving the clinical and professional skills of acupuncturists in America through offering high quality and clinically relevant education courses. The goal of such training is to:

  1. build a solid medical foundation through;
  2. enrich member acupuncturists’ clinical and professional skills so that they may provide high-quality medical services to patients.  

ASCM also plays at vital role in paving the way for how Chinese medicine is and will be practiced in the state of California, and nationwide, through actively participating in legislative and political efforts related to Chinese medicine and acupuncture. ASCM works towards:

  1. uniting all member voices to defend and to protect the legal rights and benefits of licensed acupuncturists;
  2. striving for and protecting all the legal rights and interests of members in the profession;
  3. protecting the title and status of legal practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture;
  4. advocating for reasonable reimbursement rate for services provided within the scope of practice of licensed acupuncturists through communicating and negotiating with public and / or commercial insurances companies

Member Benefits *

  • Members are welcome to attend each year, four (4) to six (6) Continuing Educational courses** at substantially discounted member only price.   
  • Members, meeting minimum qualification, are eligible to apply for a TCM Integrative Medicine internship program*** at Sutter Health
  • Members who are newly licensed, have the opportunity to attend specially designed practice management counseling / training courses, offered once (1) to twice (2) a year.
  • Members have the opportunity to register for and attend the various academic conferences, exchange activities sponsored by ASCM, both in California and in China. ASMC can also assist members in arranging for hospital visits, observation, study exchange, and attending academic seminars and conferences, etc.
  • Members enjoy discounted insurance premium with Medical Professional Liability Insurer (MIEC). In the case of litigation involvement, a professional committee of acupuncturists will provide expert advice to the insurance company.

With unification comes great power and strength. ASCM believes that when we are heard as a collective voice, we are in better position to protect and to fight for our rights. Hereby we welcome our professional colleagues, current students, and all who share the same mission and vision to join ASCM to continue lead the way in the development and growth of Chinese medicine abroad.

Together, we can grow!

* All member benefits are extended to those in good standing only.
** Such courses are approved by California Acupuncture, organized and / or hosted by ASCM.
*** This program allows member the opportunity to learn first-hand, how integrative health services are delivered in mainstream healthcare settings.